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Oswaldo DeLeón Kantule
Gallery 1 - Chants for Life and Fertility

The rainbow and the flower are symbols of fertility in Kuna culture. Turtles represent long life, fertility, and eroticism and are considered to be the most beautiful women who live in the 4th level of Mother Earth. The deer and the dolphin are animals that bring babies, just as the stork does in western culture.

Sanmakegala Guile
Fertility Dance

Achu barbad ukagi
In the skin of the jaguar

Yaauk Yaagana Guiled
Dance of the Turtle Girls

Tutugi Gualulesa
Born from a Flower

The Circle of Life and Death

Tulagudiguet gaguile
Dance of Life

Achuga Namake
A Poem for Achu

Yaauk Ebiet Namaket
Magic Chant to Attract Turtles

Tii Ome Egachi Diiguargit Gine
The Water Woman
in her Green Hammock
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Oswaldo DeLeón Kantule