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Oswaldo DeLeón Kantule
Gallery 4 - Healing and Symbolism

The "Igargana" or Kuna healing ceremonies such as the "Acuanusa" (Healing using a smooth stone to lower fevers), "Kabur Igar" (The Song of the Hot Pepper) and others have their own system of pictographic writing. These pictographs are made up of symbols that belong to the Kuna people and make up the lyrics of the healing chants. Also in Kuna daily life, animals and other elements of nature are symbolic, indicating good, evil, fertility, deceit and death, etc.

An Sapi
I am the Tree
Bia an Guebur Igargana Gualulesa
Where the Symbols of my Homeland are Born

Napguana Kormaket
The Cry of Napguana

Siagua Ginnitga
Homage to Red Cocoa

Neg Gunas
On the Surface of Mother Earth

Igargana Birriginet
Essential Symbols

Igargana Dule
The Symbolic Man

Burba Napa Yapalit
Spirit of the Earth

Gachi Dummat Achiride
The Tearing of the Great Hammock

Boni Nono Guabaat Gine
In the Talons of the Three-Headed Beast

Boni Samur Agnide
The Beast, Disemboweled
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