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Oswaldo DeLeón Kantule - "Achu"
Sobet - Artista Visual - Visual Artist


2001 Fine Arts Degree (with Honours), Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Panama
Thesis: Kuna Symbolism in the Acualele Pictographs as a Contemporary Visual
Arts Expression
1999 EARTHWORK Workshop: Installations in nature with the painter Arturo Lindsay,
University of Panama
1995 Course in Textile and Industrial Stamping, International Technological Institute and
University of the Isthmus, Panama
1986 -90 Interior Design, Faculty of Architecture, University of Panama

2008 Visual Arts prize at the 2nd Biennial of Indigenous Art in Quito,Ecuador
2002 Finalist, VI Biennial of Panama, Museum of Contemporary Art of Panama
1998 First Prize, University of Panama Ecological Photography Competition
1996 Winner, Panama’s National Institute of Culture 14th National Painting Competition
1995 Honourable Mention, Painting Competition, American Pen Women, Panama
1994 IV Honourable Mention, National Ecological Painting Competition Bacardi Rum and the Panamanian Association of Visual Artists, Panama

2004 Research Grant for Indigenous Artists of the Americas, National Museum of the
American Indian, Smithsonian Insitute, Washington, D.C.

2008 Recent Works, Casa Cultural Huellas, Panama City
2008 Simbolos y Colores de mi Tierra, UNAM Gallery, Hull-Qc-Ottawa, Canada
2007 El Mágico Viaje de Achu, Exedra Books, Panama, Panama City
2006 Mémoire et Tradition, Mairie du 6e arrondissement, Lyon, France
Le Voyage Des Neles, Maison des Cultures amérindiennes, Mont St. Hilaire, Quebec
2005 El Viaje de los Neles, Café y Galería Manolo Caracol, Panama
2003 Recent Works, The Ontario Club, Toronto
Birga dulatar ibguen suli (One Hundred Years is Nothing), Casa Góngora, Panama
Celebrating Panama’s 100th Birthday, Porté Disparu, Montreal
2002 Our Ancestors, Our Future, Centre for Studies in Creativity, King’s College,
University of Western Ontario, London, Canada
2000 Galería Signos, Panama
1998 Homage to Hammocks, Aleph Café Galería, Panama
1997 Individual, Galería Arte Plaza, Panama
Individual, Galería Breebaart, Panama
1996 Individual, Galería Breebaart, Panama
1995 Voces y Espíritus (Voices and Spirits), Banco Nacional de Panama1993
Stewart Mott House, Washington D.C.

2009 Colores de Latinoamerica 2009 The Arts Project, London ON (Curator & Artist)
2008 Colores de Latinoamerica, The arts Project Gallery, London, ON, Canada
2008 2nd Biennial of Indigenous Art in Quito,Ecuador
2008 Dialogues avec un sauvage: Perspectives contemporaines, Grande Bibliotheque Section Arts et Litterature, Montreal,QC
2007 Les sept Marveilles, Deuxieme Volet, Lyon, France
2007 ArtExpo New York 2007, International Art Fair, New York City
Colores de Latinoamerica, Aeolian Hall, London, Canada (Curator & Artist)
Shakespeare: Made in Canada Macdonald Stewart Art Centre, University of Guelph
2006 Exposition d’oeuvres d’art sud-américaines (3 artists), Galerie ArtScenik, Lyon, France
Imagine Otherwise, Spence Gallery, Toronto
10 Artists 10 Pieces, Spence Gallery, Toronto
Korean & Latin American Fine Art, Gallery of the Consulate of Korea, Toronto
Latinoamerica 2006, The Best of Latin American Art in Toronto, Etobicoke
Civic Centre Art Gallery, Canada
2005 Latin American Visual Artists, Espacio Mexico Gallery, Montreal
Artist’s Books: Written Images of the First Nations, National Library of Quebec and Land Insights, Montreal

Central American Collective Show, Oreja de Van Gogh Gallery and Cafe, Montreal
2004 Latin American Summer Collective Show, Weil Art Arte y Subastas, Panama
Entre Líneas (Between the Lines), Cultural Service of the French Embassy, Panama
2003 Caminos de Maíz (Roads of Corn), Regional Art Encounter, Museum of
Contemporary Art, Panama
Sunfest Global Village 03, Gallery at Galleria, London, Canada
Bridging Two Worlds: Healing our Communities, Centre for Studies in Creativity, King’s College, University of Western Ontario, London, Canada

2002 VI Art Biennial of Panama, Museum of Contemporary Art, Panama
New Canadians, The Arts Project, London, Canada
Sunfest Global Village, Gallery at Galleria, London, Canada
2001 De la materia al espíritu (From the Material to the Spiritual), Alianza Francesa,
Festival del Caribe (Caribbean Festival), Galería Universal, Santiago de Cuba
2000 Mujeres (Women), 1st Painting Exhibition, Casa Museo del Banco Nacional de Panama
Altars, Installations on the Arco Chato Ruins, Panama
1999 Los de Galu Dugbis II, Los Pueblitos Indígenas, Panama
1998 Los de Galu Dugbis, Kuna Painters, Embassy of France in Panama
Anniversary of the World Visual Arts Council (COMAP), Galería Signos, Panama
1997 Galería Signos, Panama
1996 Tradiciones y Modernidad (Traditions and Modernness), Indigenous Panamanian Painters, Cultural Service of the Embassy of France in Panama

1995 Expo Arte Kuna (Kuna Art Expo), Galería Balboa, Panama
Expo Feria Internacional de Arte (International Art Expo), Mexico City
Show of Painters from the Panamanian-Colombian Border, Centro de Arte y
Cultura, Panama
1994 Galerie Michelle International Art, Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia
Auction Por el amor a nuestros Niños (For the Love of our Children), Museum of the
Americas of the Organization of American States, Washington D.C.
Salón Iberoamericano de las Artes Plásticas (III Latin American Visual Arts Show), Centro Cultural Brazileiro, Washington D.C.
1993 International Festival of Indigenous Art, Roxbury Community College,

1991 Mini Expression Show, DEXA Gallery, University of Panama
1990 Sovereign Presence of the Homeland, Simon Bolivar Library, University of Panama

2004 Visiting Artists Talking About Their Work: Oswaldo De León Kantule, A
Contemporary Kuna painter using traditional Kuna imagery, Harvard University, Peabody Museum, Smithsonian Native Arts Program

2002 Our Ancestors, Our Future, King’s College, Centre for Studies in Creativity,
University of Western Ontario, London, Canada

1994 Art and Kuna Culture, American University, Washington D.C.
Art and Kuna Culture, Howard University, Washington D.C.
Art, Kuna Culture and Human Rights, University of Massachusetts
Art and Kuna Culture, Trinity College, Hartford Connecticut
Religion and Art in Kuna Culture, Harvard University

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